Energy Efficiency Upgrade Services for Heritage Homes

You can make your heritage home more energy efficient and preserve its historic features. Contact us at 1.866.381.9995 or online . We are heritage home specialists.


EnerGuide Home Evaluations for Heritage Homes

Advisors with City Green have solutions you need for retrofitting your home's heating system, fireplace, stained glass windows and air sealing while protecting the special features that make your home unique. Book an EnerGuide home evaluation, today, or read more about the service. 

Thermal Imaging for Heritage Homes

Thermal Imaging is the ideal method for diagnosing hidden moisture, insulation and air leakage issues typical in older homes – without demolition or damage to your home’s character defining features. A thermal imagaing camera shows pictures of how the heat (and cold!) is traveling through your homes walls, ceilings and basement read more about thermal imaging for home upgrades. 

Downloadable Resources for Heritage Homes

Protecting, preserving and enhancing existing buildings is also often more environmentally friendly than tearing them down to build new ones.The following fact sheets produced by the BC Heritage Branch explore the issues, challenges and solutions for making your heritage home more energy efficient while still preserving its historic features, such as stain glass windows or wooden shutters.