Time of Sale Home Energy Labeling

With home energy labelling, you can compare the energy efficiency of different houses, and then predict which home will have the highest operating costs.

For Home Sellers

Contact City Green Solutions at 1.866.381.9995 or online for a EnerGuide home evaluation and EnerGuide Rating that provides third-party proof that your home's energy default operating costs are lower than other similar home. Energy labelling helps sellers show proof of 'hidden' upgrades, such as insulation and airsealing. Read more about the EnerGuide Rating.

To get an energy efficiency rating, home sellers schedule an EnerGuide home evaluation and receive an EnerGuide label that describes the home's energy efficiency. Home sellers then post this rating on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to show buyers how efficient their home as compared to others.To book an EnerGuide home evaluation, contact City Green at 1.866.381.9995 or request an evaluation online.

For Home Buyers

When choosing a vehicle, you can compare the fuel efficiency of different models. When buying appliances, you can compare the energy efficiency of different brands. Now, the EnerGuide Rating allows you to compare the energy efficiency of two different homes, which is useful information for predicting the long-term operating costs of the home. If it's an energy efficient home, your energy bills will be small and you can afford more home! Read more about the EnerGuide Rating.

Ask the current owner for the home's EnerGuide Rating so you know how efficient it is. With this information, you will benefit by being able to choose the right home for your budget and take into account the operating cost and environmental footprint of the new home.

If the home hasn't yet been rated, invite the homeowners to call City Green at 1.866.381.9995 to book an EnerGuide home evaluation.

Support Home Energy Labelling

Home Energy Labelling at the Time of Sale can have significant economic, social and environmental benefits for the Province of BC. Read more and add you individual or business name to the list of supporters of Home Energy Labelling at the Time of Sale: http://www.homeenergylabellingbc.com/

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