Energy Efficiency Training Courses

Whether you are a homeowner, municipal employee, engineer or building contractor there are many opportunities available to learn more about energy efficient or sustainable practices in building and renovation
e-Energy Training Program BOMA e-EnergyTraining is an energy management course for building operators of commercial and institutional buildings. Delivered online, in a self-learning format, participants learn at their own pace, and have access from remote locations.
Efficient Lighting June 4, 2014. This one-day training will cover the fundamental principles of energy efficiency in lighting.
Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) March 12, 2014. This one-day training introduces managers in public organizations and private companies to conceptual and practical knowledge of the EPC concept. Furthermore, the course develops the tools required to bring any EE project to successful completion under the EPC approach.
Green Building & Renewable Energy Technician Diploma Two-year diploma program that addresses energy efficiency and renewable energy applications in buildings. The program is an education option for people working in, or intending to work in the field of green building design, construction and operation.
Introduction to Measurement and Verification (M&V) April 1, 2014. The one-day training introduces the basic concepts of M&V and the IPMVP. It highlights the purposes of M&V, summarizes the range of possible M&V methods and points out the need for specific M&V design for each project.
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification Whether you’re new to green building, working on a registered project, pursuing LEED credentials, or seeking industry-specific information, the Canada Green Building Council offers a wide array of education opportunities.
Lighthouse Guest Expert Sessions On most Saturday afternoons Light House Sustainable Building Centre hosts a Guest Expert session from 2-4pm in Vancouver.
Motors, Variable Speed Drives and Energy Efficiency June 5, 2014. This introductory course on motors and variable speed drives will give participants a better understanding of motors and the theory behind how they work.
Renewable Energy Technology The new Renewable Energy Technology program is slated to begin Fall 2007 with enrolment in its five-month Electrical Entry program
RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis The RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Course has been created for use by educational centres and training organisations around the globe, as well as for use by professionals and students in "self-study" distance learning format.