Our Board

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City Green is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer board who works with the Executive Director to make business decisions that support City Green's mission and vision.

As a non-profit, company earnings are re-invested back into the company for greater resilience, capacity building and ongoing commitment to the implementation and development of energy efficiency programs that benefit our community.

City Green Board Member Details


Board Member Role Description

City Green Solutions is an enterprising non-profit organization with a mission to excite, inspire, and lead British Columbians in taking both simple and extraordinary actions to reduce energy use in homes and buildings. Our board members support this mission with their own unique and diverse skill sets and commitments that include, but are not limited to:

Requirements for Board Members

  • Personal and or professional commitment to City Green vision and mission statements
  • Knowledge and skills in one or more area: HR and/or legal
  • Attendance and active participation at monthly board meetings (1.5 hours per month).
  • An additional time commitment of (on average) 1-2 hour per month (Reviewing board documents, participation in board committee work and other strategic planning).
  • Be informed of the services provided by City Green Solutions and publicly support them.
  • Prepare for, and participate in, the discussions and the deliberations of the board.
  • Be aware and abstain from any conflict of interest.
  • Board experience an asset, but not required.

Current Board Members

  • Ruben Anderson
  • Larry Beatty
  • Amanda Broad
  • Chris Koziey
  • Rob Macdonald
  • Sarah Ozog
  • Kelly Wheeler
  • Louis Desroches