Saanich Community Energy Manager 2009

In June 2008, City Green Solutions was contracted to be the Community Energy Manager for the District of Saanich for one year, paid for through a BC Hydro Community Energy Manager pilot project.

This program is now completed. However, program results and details can be found below.  

Program Brochures


  • 1,557 homeowners completed first ecoENERGY/ LiveSmart BC home energy assessments
  • 43 small businesses received free BC Hydro Product Incentive Program lighting assessments
  • 450 people learned about BC Hydro’s Power Smart product rebates
  • 1070 people attended informative workshops and
  • 58 ‘GreenStart’ consultations were offered to builders and renovators A review of the retrofit options for the participating homes and business showed a potential for:
  • Energy savings of almost one million kilowatt hours and ninety thousand gigajoules – enough electricity to meet the electrical needs of 65 people and gigajoules to power over 500 BC homes for a year
  • $4,268,195 in product rebates and grants that could be drawn into the local economy
  • A reduction of 4,953 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, annually - equivalent to taking 1651 inefficient cars off the road.

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Community Energy Manager Program Details

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" -World Commission on the Environment and Development

To support the Sustainable Saanich goal of greenhouse gas emission reductions in the built environment, the Community Energy Manager Initiative provided the following for Saanich residents and builders:

  1. A free 'GreenStart' consultation to builders for questions related to energy efficiency upgrades for homes and buildings, including information on related grants and rebate programs relavant to your building type. 

  2. Free public workshops:
    • Business Energy Efficiency
    • Residential Energy Efficiency
    • Energy Efficient Lighting for Multi-Units and Office Buildings
  3. Connection to building experts, such as auditors, assessors and other technical support Information about related grant and rebate programs, including:
    • ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes grants of more than $5000 for retrofits to windows, doors, heating, ventilation, solar hot water and more! (for single family detached homes, row townhouses and mobile homes)
    • BC Hydro Product Incentive Program, offering free energy assessments and rebates on lighting and other electricity-saving devices (for commercial office and retail buildings & multi-unit and hi-rise apartment).
    • BC Hydro Team Power Smart, an on-line goal setting program with tips, tricks and prizes designed to encourage you to reduce your electrical consumption by 10% or more!
    • Saanich Green Building Rebate Program, offers up to 30% rebates off the cost of building permits for new homes built to standards of the following third party certification programs: EnerGuide 80, R-2000, Built Green BC, Power Smart for New Homes. Also relevant for home additions. Eligibility: For new development and additions in the District of Saanich