Building Assessments For Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Whether you are upgrading or planning a new construction project, we can help you plan for energy efficiency and access financial incentives for your multi-unit residential building.

We have different services for low-rise and mid-rise apartments and condominiums.

Low-Rise Multi-Unit Residential Building (MURB) Assessments


For new construction projects, visit our new homes page for information about incentives and services for new low-rise condominiums projects.

Eligible buildings include:

Stacked Duplex

  • 2 units (one on top of the other)
  • 2 to 3 stories
  • Each unit has a private entrance


  • units stacked 2 to 3 stories
  • Each unit has a private entrance

Apartments and All other multi-unit structures

  • Max 3 stories above grade
  • Building footprint max 600m2
  • Between 4 and 20* units
  • Access to building must be from no more than 2 exterior doors. Each unit must:
    • Have a private entrance either accessed from the outside of the building or from a common hall, lobby, vestibule, or stairway inside the building.
    • Be an enclosed and complete living area (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom).

Mixed-use Buildings

  • Must meet the requirements above,
  • AND at least 50% of total floor area (inc. basement) must be used as permanent residences.
  • Cannot include commercial or industrial equipment that are not found in residential buildings.

Ownership Types eligible:

  • Owner-occupied unit in duplex, triplex, or apartment
  • Condominium: A unit owned privately, joint ownership of land and common facilities
  • Rented, not subsidized: A unit in any building type above, privately owned, tenant occupied
  • Rented, subsidized: A unit in any building type above, owned by government or gov’t agency, or for which rent is subsidized by the government


  • All units and at least 50% of the common area must be accessible during the assessment.
  • For apartments - Although there can be more than 2 exterior doors, all interior spaces and common areas must be accessible from only one or two entrances.

To book an energy assessment for a retrofit or new construction project for a multi-unit building, please contact us by email, or call us at 1.866.381.9995.


We also offer Thermal Imaging services for multi-unit buildings .

Mid-Rise Multi-Unit Residential Building (MURB) Assessments

If your building is larger than described above, please see our Commercial and Institutional Energy Saving Solutions page for energy saving services for large buildings.


* Buildings built on or after April 1, 2011 can comprise up to 32 units, counting all residential units, non-residential units and common areas. For buildings built before this date, the maximum number of units is 20.