Living Our Values

Corporate Sustainability

As educators of best practices for energy efficiency in homes and businesses, City Green also ‘walks the talk’ by continually implementing best practices in our own office environment. City Green’s sustainability efforts are guided by a goal of continuous improvement and becoming a carbon neutral organization by 2016.

  • Our corporate policies and commitments;
  • A summary sustainable office, kitchen and transportation practices;
  • Environmental impacts; and
  • Our monitoring and evaluation efforts.

Corporate Policies and Commitments

  • City Green Solutions has a Green Office Policy and Procedures Manual that focuses on solutions for using fewer resources in the following areas: waste, travel, energy, and purchasing.
  • City Green has an Sustainable Purchasing Policy that includes
    • Choosing dish soap and other cleaning products based on criteria that considers biodegradable, non-toxic, unscented ingredients and recyclable or reusable containers.
    • Purchasing milk, coffee, sugar and other food that are local, organic, and fair-trade whenever possible
    • Choosing new office paper that is 100% post-consumer recycled, chlorine free, FSC
    • Ordering ink cartridges through companies that recycle or refill them
    • Proactively calling to cancel any unsolicited catalogues and magazines
    • Printing company marketing materials on 100% post-consumer recycled, chlorine free, FSC paper and order the smallest amount required
    • Only purchasing computer and office equipment that is ENERGY STAR® qualified.
  • City Green received a Climate Smart Business 2012 Certification of Completion and has established a reduction strategy to:
    • Undertake energy efficiency lighting upgrades
    • Expand behavioural energy conservation office campaign
    • Reduce staff/organizational travel further through teleconferencing
    • Working with our building manager/owner towards a boiler upgrade for the building
    • Promoting strategies for increased (subcontractor) transportation efficiencies

    Sustainable Office Practices

    Office Operations

    • All computers and equipment are turned off each evening, except for the server
    • All office equipment is ENERGY STAR qualified and energy saving options are activated
    • Printers default to double sided printing for external documents
    • For internal drafts dedicated printers are stocked with single-sided paper gathered from organizations who cannot reuse it, with color printing is for final, external documents only
    • Office overhead lighting is upgraded to CFLS and T8s; lights are cleaned regularly
    • Meetings are paperless, with e-agendas and e-minutes sent around before and after
    • Faxes come in digitally, not to paper
    • Power bars are used to eliminate “phantom” power loads
    • Blinds and windows are used to manage solar gains
    • Rechargeable batteries and solar powered keyboards are used
    • E-waste is donated or recycled
    • ‘Green office guerrilla’ undertakes covert actions to reward staff for green office practices


    • Participate in an expanded recycling program which collects paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, soft plastic, mixed paper, Styrofoam, tinfoil and more for pick up by a bicycle-powered recycling company
    • All organic waste is collected and picked up by a community-based, bicycle-powered, compost pick-up program
    • City Green provides re-usable dishes (and biodegradable dish soap), including portable containers and re-usable mugs for use when purchasing lunch to go from a local restaurant

    Transportation and Community Practices

    • When travelling, staff are required to take the most environmentally sustainable option: when possible local work travel is done by bicycle, on foot, or by transit
    • Providing access to a Car Share Membership or hybrid rental vehicles or taxis when a vehicle is needed
    • Annual organizational participation in Bike to Work week
    • 90% rate of sustainable transportation for staff commuting to work
    • Encourage and celebrate sustainable transportation