Energy Advisors Working with City Green

Knowledgeable and friendly energy advisors working with City Green can give you expert, independent, and customized advice about improving your home's energy efficiency through energy saving upgrades. Read more about your local advisors in the following areas and then contact City Green at 1.866.381.9995 or online to book your EnerGuide Home Evaluation today. 


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Victoria and Area

Brooke Gallupe

Brooke discovered a passion for home energy efficiency when he started helping another energy advisor. In an unexpected career move for a graduate of French literature, Brooke studied, apprenticed, and was working as an energy advisor himself by 2008. Since then, he has evaluated over 1000 Victoria houses. Brooke also keeps busy improving the efficiency of his 1890s Victoria home, where he lives with his family.

Before becoming an energy advisor, he was a touring musician. He is a multi-instrumentalist involved in a number of musical projects, from rock bands to symphonic pieces.

Jeffrey Robinson

Jeffrey Robinson brings a wealth of building experience to his work as an energy advisor. He is a Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter with experience building and renovating homes and teaching home building internationally. He has owned and operated a renovation and excavation company, has expertise in construction estimating and construction law, and is the current CEO of EnerTech Solutions Ltd. specializing in Energy Advising and consulting services. Jeffrey has a passion for protecting the environment, and for helping homeowners make their homes more comfortable, affordable, and eco-friendly.


Vancouver and Lower Mainland

Pat Caraher

Pat brings to City Green a passion for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Originally from the wilds of Northwestern Ontario, he has received degrees in History and Anthropology from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. Being raised in close proximity to nature has infused him with both an appreciation of and concern for finding a balance between our day to day activities and the natural environment.

A veteran of over 900 Energuide For Houses and ecoENERGY home evaluations in the Toronto and Vancouver areas over the past 9 years, he is well versed in the problems and solutions endemic to building design. Pat is also acting as Business Energy Advisor on behalf of LiveSmart BC, providing energy solutions to small and medium sized businesses around the Vancouver area and Lower Mainland. He is a strong believer that environmentalism begins with the individual and their own backyard, and that groups of these individuals create the momentum for real social and environmental change. A supporter of a number of organizations committed to making the world a better place, his enthusiasm for green building design and retrofits is contagious.

In his spare time, Pat enjoys cycling, paddling around on the water, and playing with the cats.

Peter Cho

With a keen interest in environmental issues and hands on experience in home renovations, Peter joined the City Green team with a goal to educate homeowners on how easy it is to save energy and reduce their ecological footprint on the planet.

Peter has managed to increase the EnerGuide rating of his current place of residence to an impressive 76 (on a scale of 0 – 100.) He loves sharing his expertise on energy efficient retrofits, as well as listening to and addressing any upgrade concerns that a homeowner has run into.

Being a huge fan of the outdoors (and Vancouver’s wet weather), Peter is often enjoying nature on his bicycle strolls through the city. He enjoys sports and travelling and has a keen interest in construction methods and architecture of homes from different countries. Currently enrolled in an intensive sustainable building course, Peter hopes to use the knowledge and skills he gains to live in a future home constructed with totally renewable resources that has a zero impact on the environment.

BC Interior

Arno Bredenkamp

Arno Bredenkamp is an electro-technical Engineer, and has completed an MBA at he University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and a program in International Utility Management with Stanford University. He has worked on numerous projects for ESKOM, the major energy producer and distributer throughout Africa, including residential network design, low cost electrification and Prepaid/SMART/remote metering. He was instrumental in developing the Electrowise program which focused on helping electricity users in South Africa to get the best value out of their new utility connections. Included in this program were components that are very similar to the Canadian ecoEnergy Program, including grants for energy upgrades and the promotion of energy efficient appliances. After more than 15 years of working for one of the largest electrical utility companies in the world, he decided to make a big change and a fresh start.

After leaving ESKOM he worked as a consultant, created and operated a number of small businesses, and also emigrated to Canada with his wife and two children. He now lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

Arno likes to practice what he preaches. He personally renovated and built additions to the four homes that his family has lived in over the past 20 years and has always been interested in different construction methods. He loves to share his expertise with other homeowners, and believes that it is essential for everyone to use energy in a smarter and more sustainable way. Working as an energy advisor, Arno has done more than 300 residential energy evaluations in the South and Central Okanagan.

Len Freeth

Experienced in home renovations and real estate, Len is a recent graduate of Vancouver Island University’s Residential Energy Efficiency program. Len's approach to assisting homeowners with their renovations is to help them to look at their homes in a different way, seeing not just the surface appearance, but how heat and energy move through the home, and ways to optimize their use. He can also share his interest in alternative energy technology. Len is pleased to be able to help people conserve energy in their homes while making them more comfortable and more affordable to run. When not doing home evaluations, Len enjoys hiking, canoeing, and other outdoor pursuits in the beautiful Slocan Valley.

Ray Smith

Ray Smith has been in construction all his working life, starting as a tradesman and then going on to become a senior construction site manager. For the 8 years prior to moving to Canada, in 2007, Ray was a registered homebuilder, designing and building very energy efficient houses, using many of the technologies now being promoted in BC. These include extra insulation, air tightness, triple glazed windows, heat recovery ventilation, heat pumps, solar and wind.

Ray's own house was built close to passivehaus standard and also incorporated solar and wind for hot water and electricity generation.

Ray is very passionate regarding energy efficiency, the environment and ‘green’ building and is constantly researching ways and technologies to improve the standards that we use to build with.