Building Smart Seminars

An on-going series of educational seminars held on aspects of construction or design of single and row housing - Spring 2007: Cladding and Moisture Protection.

Building Smart is an on-going series of educational seminars held twice annually by the Homeowner Protection Office. The seminars are focused on aspects of the construction or design of single detached houses and townhouses including building science, good building practices and the latest research. The seminars are of interest to Licensed Residential Builders, contractors, trades, architects, engineers, building officials/inspectors, suppliers, students, apprentices and others involved in the home building industry.

Spring 2007 offers a seminar in Cladding and Moisture Protection

This seminar focuses on new code provisions for cladding and moisture protection for new house construction in B.C. Detailing solutions will be presented in full-motion graphics for options that can be used to meet new requirements for a first and second plane of protection in all regions of the province, as well as a capillary break or “rainscreen” in wet climates.

This three-hour seminar describes in practical terms what the code provisions mean for the construction of building envelopes for houses in B.C. and will cover:

  • detailing options for joints and penetrations that can be used to meet the new requirement to provide a first and second plane of protection, covering different cladding types that are commonly used in low moisture index regions of the province
  • options for constructing the capillary break or “rainscreen” in high moisture index regions, covering different cladding types, furring installation and detailing examples for joints and penetrations, and
  • an examination of the use of various sealants and membrane materials in the building envelope, including a discussion on these material properties and avoiding incompatibilities.

Each participant will receive a presentation guide and certificate of completion.

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Homeowner Protection Office
Various locations across BC
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Sponsoring agency: Homeowner Protection Office
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