EnerGuide Rating Service for New Homes 新屋的能源指标等级服务

Anyone can claim that a house is energy efficient, but an EnerGuide rating label proves how efficient it is.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) developed the EnerGuide Rating System to show a standard measure of your home's energy performance.

The home's energy efficiency level is rated on a scale of 0 to 100, where a higher rating indicates a more energy efficient home. A home with an EnerGuide rating of 100 requires no purchased energy on an annual basis, is airtight, well insulated, and sufficiently ventilated.
房屋节能程度分数评定是从0 至100计分,若评定分数较高則代表该房屋拥有较高的节能效率。节能分数为100的房屋其能源年使用量为零,這类房子其气密性高,有完整的保溫隔绝,並且拥有良好的通风措施。

EnerGuide ratings are standardized, and can be used to compare the energy efficiency and energy costs of different homes.

An EnerGuide Rating can be used:

  • to access financial incentives
  • to obtain a building permit in the City of Vancouver (required)
  • to prepare for upcoming building code energy efficiency requirements
  • as a foundation for the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes program

Builders offering the EnerGuide rating service have their house plans evaluated by a certified energy advisor. The certified energy advisor calculates the current EnerGuide rating of the building plans and suggests energy efficiency upgrade packages to choose from. Once the home is built, the certified energy advisor visits the site to confirm upgrades and test air tightness. The home’s final EnerGuide rating is calculated and the home receives its final EnerGuide rating label to be posted on the home’s furnace or electrical box.
建商提供节能分数评定服务並且会由节能顾问做完整的评估。节能顾问会依据建筑蓝图计算出节能分数,並提供您节能升级计劃做选择。房屋完工后,节能顾问会针对节能升级部 分做确认並测试其气密性。房屋的最终节能分数评定标签可贴于房屋內的暖气炉或电箱上。

The program focuses on the following aspects of a home:

  • heating and ventilation equipment, such as the furnace
  • the building envelope, such as windows and doors
  • insulation levels.

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