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Incentives offered for oil tank removal The District of Saanich has added a $150 incentive to the first 50 Saanichites who upgrade from an oil tank home heating system to heat pumps.
Up to $2000 Available for Replacing Your Heating Oil Tanks Additional $300 in top-up incentives from the District of Saanich and the CRD available for replacing your heating oil tanks.
Savings Available for Switch to Heat Pump North Cowichan’s BETTER OFF program is offering residents a reduced rate pre-retrofit home energy evaluation and free post-retrofit evaluation and that, combined with a provincial incentive program and BC Hydro’s HERO offer, adds up to big savings for homeowners.
New Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program for B.C. Homeowners Up to $1,700 per home is available to help British Columbians upgrade from oil heating to efficient electric air source heat pumps through the Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program.
Vancouver Smart Thermostat Rebate Program Launches This Thursday, the City of Vancouver, in partnership with Vancity, launched a pilot program to learn what energy and cost savings can be achieved in single family, duplex, and townhomes by using a smart thermostat.
More comfortable, more affordable: Victoria couple sings the praises of renovation rebates Since doing the upgrades, Swan says the home is much less drafty than before, with fewer cold spots. And he expects that they'll be more comfortable this summer, when temperatures are projected to be hotter than typical years.
“Tap-by-Tap” Program and Devon Properties Recognized on Earth Day In celebration of Earth Day, the City is recognizing Devon Properties for its participation in the “Tap-by-Tap” Program – a climate action program that is contributing to significant energy and water savings for rental apartments throughout Victoria
Rising BC Hydro Rates and How You Can Shrink Your Energy Bills What can you do to shrink your energy bills? Glenys Verhulst from City Green Solutions speaks with Ian Power on the Home Discovery Show.
Urban Forests and Energy Conservation Did you know that the right tree in the right place can shrink your home energy use? Careful planning about tree type and placement is required to balance heating, cooling, lighting, and energy generation considerations throughout the year.
Free Water & Energy Saving Fixtures Available to Multi-Unit Residential Buildings The Capital Regional District (CRD) has teamed up with FortisBC, City Green Solutions and municipalities to once again offer its popular and effective water and energy efficiency program for multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs), through the Tap by Tap MURB Program.