New Incentive Helps Comox Valley Rural Residents Switch from Oil to Heat Pump

Oil-to-heat-pump upgrades are a win-win for residents and the community  

The recently-launched provincial oil-to-heat-pump incentive program is helping households reduce their home energy bills by offering up to $1,700 in rebates to update their oil furnace with a new heat pump. As home heating oil is a significant source of rural Comox Valley greenhouse gas emissions, the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is offering a $400 bonus incentive to electoral area homeowners participating in this program.

By accessing the new CVRD incentive through the oil-to-heat-pump incentive program from the Province of BC, CVRD electoral area homeowners can now receive up to $2100 for this home improvement. Homeowners within the municipalities of Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland are eligible for the provincial rebates of up to $1700 from this program.

Heat pumps are a highly efficient technology because they use a small amount of electricity to move a large amount of heat. Typical homes using oil heat can reduce their heating bills by 40 to 75 per cent through this upgrade, significantly shrink their greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce their risk of oil tank spills.

“Oil-to-heat-pump upgrades are a win-win for residents and the community,” explained Vince Van Tongeren, policy and sustainability analyst for the CVRD. “Residents will improve home comfort and save on their energy bills, and the community will benefit from protection of our air, land, and water.”

Funding for the oil to heat pump incentive program is provided through the Ministry of Energy and Mines’ Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund, designed to support the B.C. government’s energy, economic, environmental, and greenhouse gas reduction priorities and advance B.C.’s clean energy sector. The additional bonus incentive of $400 for electoral area residents is provided as part of the CVRD’s rural Comox Valley community climate action plan.

To qualify for the oil to heat pump incentive program, homeowners must have an energy evaluation, install a qualifying central or mini-split heat pump, and remove their oil tank and oil heating system. Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis while funds last. To learn more, or to register for the oil to heat pump incentive program, visit

The Comox Valley Regional District is a federation of three electoral areas and three municipalities providing sustainable services for residents and visitors to the area. The members of the regional district work collaboratively on services for the benefit of the diverse urban and rural areas of the Comox Valley.

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