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Terra Barnes

Energy and GHG Reduction Client Services Representative

Terra was raised on Vancouver Island and has lived on the Island for over 20 years. Living on the Island, her love of the natural environment flourished and is the reason why she chose to pursue a degree in the Environmental field. She currently enrolled in the BA of Environmental Practice at Royal Roads University. She is passionate about trying to live as environmentally conscious as she can and is excited to be able to help people achieve their energy efficiency goals. On her time off, you can catch Terra outside hiking, camping, climbing, or learning to surf.

Sean Dimnik

Energy and GHG Reduction Client Services Representative

Sean moved to Victoria at the end of 2018. Prior to working at City Green, Sean worked as a Solar Technician in Southern Ontario. During this time he installed and provided maintenance on solar arrays in various locations including Northern Ontario, Labrador, Arizona, and Ghana. He’s a graduate of the Renewable Energies Technician program from Niagara College and has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management from York University. Sean is passionate about advancing the energy efficiency sector and hopes to use his technical background to achieve this. In his spare time he likes playing basketball and volleyball. 

Elena Dopfer

Energy Solutions Specialist and Program Administration

Elena was born and raised in the south of Germany and came to Vancouver Island for a semester abroad at VIU as a part of her “Energy and Resources Management” Bachelor’s program in fall 2015. The combination of her love for the beauty of Canada’s west coast and her enthusiasm for a transition to a more sustainable energy system brought her back to the island and to City Green after finishing her bachelor’s thesis on incentivizing the use of heating from renewable sources. Working for City Green, Elena is very excited to make her own contribution to a better energy efficiency future by motivating and helping people to achieve a better energy performance for their homes. In her spare time, Elena loves to play fastpitch softball, learn and try new recipes and spend time at the ocean or behind a thrilling book. 

Tricia Graham

Finance Assistant

Tricia Graham, City Green Solutions

Tricia was born in New Zealand in a house with no insulation and a corrugated metal roof. She is a big believer in making homes energy efficient and cozy! With a background in health services, customer service, and web design, Tricia is responsible for accounts payable, payroll, financial reports, and human resources at City Green. Tricia loves working for an environmentally-conscious organization that fits with her values and philosophy. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, reading, and watching baseball.

Chandra Horth

Energy and GHG Reduction Client Services Representative

Chandra came to Vancouver Island in 2012 to attend the University of Victoria, where she gained a BSc in Physical Geography and Environmental Studies. After attaining experience in outdoor education, environmental conservation and wilderness guiding, she focused her energy and interest into fostering positive change in our relationships with the environment and community. Her journey fuelled a passionate focus in sustainable development, passive design and waste management. This curiosity and desire to learn brought her to City Green with the intent to be a part of the shift towards a more environmentally conscious and renewable energy-based future. On her spare time, Chandra finds herself tucked in the woods hiking, camping and skiing, or at the beach out for a surf.

Rachel Howes

Energy and GHG Reduction Client Services Representative

Rachel was raised in rural Ontario with a strong appreciation for the natural environment. She studied at the University of Guelph where she gained a BSc in Environmental Sciences majoring in environmental biology. Rachel has a wide range of work experience including outdoor education, storm drainage evaluations, biodiversity monitoring, and wildlife research. Sustainability has always been important to Rachel. In particular, energy use reduction and waste reduction are her particular areas of interest. Working for City Green has allowed her to share her passion for energy efficiency and GHG reduction techniques with anyone interested in reducing energy use in their homes and buildings. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys exploring Vancouver Island, hiking, and gardening. 

Teresa Lawson

Energy and GHG Reduction Client Services Representative

Teresa was raised in Vancouver, where her love of sustainability and conservation lead her to complete a BSc in Environmental Science through Simon Fraser University.  Her travels then brought her to Victoria where she became involved in local environmental groups and completed a Professional Specialization Certificate in Ecosystem Restoration through UVic.  She has experience in outreach, education, sustainability, and an interest in connecting people to the knowledge that best helps them make good choices for home and planet.  This passion eventually brought her to City Green where she is excited to participate in the many great programs and support people who want to reduce their environmental impact.

David McKay

Technical Services Advisor 

David lived in Toronto for six years while completing his degree in Environmental Studies at York University, followed by a certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at Ryerson University. While completing his education, he worked as a sustainability assistant at York University, writing a sustainability report that gauged the University's progress towards sustainability in areas of energy efficiency, transportation, waste mitigation, and more. David is excited to help homeowners achieve improved energy efficiency in their homes. In his spare time, David enjoys coaching track and field, and exploring Vancouver Island.

Danielle Plouffe

Energy Solutions Specialist and Program Administration

Danielle was born and raised on Vancouver Island and grew up with a passion for the environment. This passion led her to the University of Victoria where she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Geography with a concentration in Urban Development, and a Minor in Environmental Studies. During her studies, Danielle became especially interested in sustainable cities, green building, and community engagement. This has led her to City Green, where she can contribute to a greener future by motivating and exciting people to improve their energy efficiency. In her spare time, Danielle loves cycling, hiking, and spending time at the ocean. 

Dawn Stewart

Financial Officer

Dawn Stewart has relocated from Vancouver after being away from Victoria for 25 years. Very much a coastal person she and her family have lived in Powell River, Gold River and Campbell River over the years. Dawn brings extensive experience in small business financial record keeping having guided many a bookkeeper into the world of computerize bookkeeping. Her mantra is, “There is always room for improvement in every task and that is what keeps a job interesting”.

Peter Sundberg

Executive Director

Peter is a social entrepreneur with extensive experience developing and implementing technical and entrepreneurial capacity building initiatives and community energy projects in North America, Latin America and Asia. Working as the executive director at City Green since 2005, Peter supervises all program, services and business development. Peter is inspired by the continual learning that comes from working with a team to build a thriving social enterprise that is driven by the goal of maximizing the positive environmental outcomes of its services and programs and minimizing the environmental footprint of its operations.

Prior to working with City Green, Peter managed the International Renewable Energy Program for a Maritimes based non-profit organization, Falls Brook Centre, and coordinated rural electrification and capacity building projects in Nicaragua and India. In the field of disarmament and post conflict reconstruction, Peter developed skills training programs for victims of war and for five years worked as a research consultant with the Nobel Prize winning International Campaign to Ban Landmines and its reporting network the Landmine Monitor ( Peter is co-founder of the Planting Hope Education Foundation, is on the Board of Directors for Mines Action Canada (, and is a volunteer Community Advisor for the Victoria Foundation (

Peter has adventured and travelled extensively, completed a university degree, worked as a commercial fisher, logger, trail builder, house framer, carpenter, and general contractor for commercial renovations. Peter spends his spare time improving the energy efficiency of his 1947 home, being in the outdoors in all seasons and spending time with his family.

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