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AFRESH Home housing demonstration project provides an opportunity to develop and experiment with new technologies.

AFRESH Home, a housing demonstration project located on BCIT's Burnaby Campus, showcases some of the most innovative yet practical ideas in housing today. It's an affordable, durable, healthy and environmentally conscious home that is designed to change easily as the lifestyle of its occupants change. Using off-the-shelf technology, a flexible design, and health-conscious, high quality building practices, AFRESH Home demonstrates how a home can be created that will provide lifelong comfort for its occupants.

Revitalizing BCIT's AFRESH Home
AFRESH Home provides an opportunity for BCIT to work in cooperation with industry partners in the development and demonstration of new housing and construction products and technologies. In that regard, plans are now underway to retrofit some of the Home’s existing mechanical systems. This will include retrofitting the home with a geothermal system as well as a fuel cell. In addition, they are investigating the opportunity to update the Home’s existing photovoltaic panels.

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BC Institute of Technology
BC Institute of Technology, Burnaby
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Wayne Stevens, Director, Major Projects
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Sponsoring agency: BC Institute of Technology
Contact: Wayne Stevens, Director, Major Projects
Phone: 604-453-4060